smudging ceremony pot
smudging ceremony pot

smudging ceremony pot

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Smudging is performed to bless, cleanse and purify a space, object or person.

Suggested intention: "Angels and guides of the highest vibrations of source, please open clear and cleanse this space (/person/object) for the greater good of all. Let there only be love and light here. And so it is done."

Wild flowers + herbs, all hand-harvested. Feathers collected from the ground. *please note feathers are assorted.

Includes: shell dish, pot of smudging herbs, charcoal, feather, instructions. Pot size approx 7 x 6 x 5cm

Hold charcoal over flame until lit. Place it on the shell dish and leave it for around 6 minutes (if shell gets hot place on a heat resistant surface or plate). Once the charcoal is going, sprinkle some of the ceremonial herbs on it and gently wave the feather through the smoke, guiding it around the space or person you are clearing. Sprinkle more herbs as necessary. Will last approx half an hour.