organic smudge sticks
organic smudge sticks

organic smudge sticks

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Smudging is performed to bless, cleanse and purify a space, object or person.

Suggested intention: "With love and gratitude may I ask the Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars to bless this space morning, noon and night, removing any and all negative energies and filling it with divine love and light."

Organic hand-harvested wild flowers, lavender, rosemary, silver ragwort, lemongrass, basil + sage. Ceremoniously made with positive intention.

Approx 20cm

Light one end of your smudge stick and let it go out to just smoke. Using your hand or a feather wave or walk the smoke around the space, object or person, stating your intention. Best placed over a bowl or dish to catch embers. Your smudge stick should last you several sessions.