BATH SALTS - vanilla + patchouli
BATH SALTS - vanilla + patchouli
BATH SALTS - vanilla + patchouli


BATH SALTS - vanilla + patchouli

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Vanilla + Patchouli  |  LUXURIOUSLY SENSUAL

Cue the Barry White music... get your sensual on... 

THE BODHI ROOM natural bath salts combine a combination of beneficial mineral salts, citrine chips and 100% pure essential oils. Formulated for a deep, relaxing, luxuriously sensual bath experience.

180g reusable tin  |  enough for 1 to 2 baths


epsom salt - magenesium (an essential mineral for the body) benefitting your heart and nervous system, promotes sleep, reduces muscle soreness

pink himalayan salt - detoxifying, refreshing, rich in minerals

citric acid - the 'fizz' + enhances nutrient absorption

cinnamon bark - for a sweet, spicy scent + anti-inflammatory

pure essential oil vanilla - relaxing, aphrodisiac, regulates menstruation, anti-aging

pure essential oil patchouli - treats skin conditions, eases headaches

citrine chips - improves the chemical and hormonal balance of your body, stimulates digestion, improves circulation, detoxifies


Set the scene (1000 candles + Barry White's 'Let's Get It On'...)

Add as much or as little as you like (we recommend and least half a tin) to a warm bath. Sit. Soak. Sip some wine and reconnect with your sensual side.


BATH SALTS - vanilla + patchouli