WILD AMBER / ellie

Hey! I'm Ellie, the founder of Wild Amber. Being creative has always helped me deal with the struggles of living with anxiety and depression. When I'm creating it allows me to get completely lost in what I'm doing. Back in March 2019 I started making candles as a hobby, and very quickly I knew this was going to be something much more! At the beginning of 2020 I took the leap and founded Wild Amber, an avenue where I could continue to be creative and pour a piece of my heart into every product. 

Wild Amber is all about reconnecting with the earth. All fragrances are inspired by nature including flowers, woods and spices, and all ingredients are of the highest quality. Wild Amber is about creating natural vegan products that have healing benefits to us and do not compromise our planet.

All labels are made from recycled paper, and all packaging can be recycled. We chose high quality candles jars so they can be reused for plants or as storage jars in your cupboards.