Heya, I’m Kira !
Travelling soothes ma soul, I’m always down for an adventure, playing pranks gets me in way too much trouble,
I really dislike bullies, I spend hours in craft stores and pepper is way too spicy for me.
I love serving the world by creating lil handmade arts and crafts projects made in ma child hood humble abode.
I started to take up too much room on the dining room table so I thought it was time I get ma creations out in the world. 
I started my lil business ‘Wandering Creations’ in 2018 with the intent of creating eco friendly candles infused with lil gems
bringing in the earthy goodness smells.  I like to bring nature into my life in every possible way, which is why your candles are
sprinkled with flowers, shells and the prettiest crystals I ever did see.  
My new love is the DUDE collection. This is very special to my loved ones and I.
We hold so much space and time for everything that goes into creation for this incredible cause.
( $2 from every DUDE candle and DUDE diffuser is donated to the Black Dog Institute for mental health, non-profit organisation. ) 
I truly care and strongly value what this beautiful place we call mother earth provides for us, which is why
at Wandering Creations all of our packaging is reusable or ecofriendly. 
Be Kind, Spread love. 

Kira x