Carl Ludwig and long-time friend Fiona Su established Fibre for Good to address the environmental ravages they saw routinely taking place around the world – all in the name of affordable fashion.

The Fibre for Good story really began with the uttering of a simple 4-word statement: “This simply isn’t sustainable”. That’s all Carl could say when he realised that a clothing factory in Bangladesh was going through 2700 litres of water to produce a single t-shirt.

“They were going through 32 million litres of water a week on ONE style alone. I knew something had to be done, so Fiona and I put our heads together to see how we could deliver affordable, quality garments ethically, responsibly and sustainably”

Eventually, their research led them to Organic Natural Colour Cotton (ONCC).ONCC literally grows in 3 earthy, gender neutral colours. Cultivated organically, it is tenderly picked by hand and converted directly into thread, then cloth. No dyes, bleaches, or chemicals are added at all.

This lack of damaging processing gives ONCC a super soft feel – think cashmere – and it retains a range of natural properties that make it healthier to wear.